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eBuilder-Build once, Learn Anywhere - Demo

Digital Wish has developed a mobile eBuider tool that allows teachers to build digital eTextbooks, activities, and lesson plans with very simple drag-and-drop skills through a browser. Digital content can be saved as an "app" that can be downloaded to any smartphone, tablet, iOS, Android, Kindle, Mac, or Win. The smartphone version is now available, and other platforms will be launching over the coming months. All content will be searchable by the Common Core Education Standards. In addition, since Digital Wish is a nonprofit, we will use the profits to create a "Giving Back" fund that will donate technology back into needy schools, crafting a sustainable business model that so many institutions are seeking.

Ease-of-Use - In practice, the eBuilder is so easy to use, that teachers with only the most basic computer skills can build rich content in minutes, combining text, video, weblinks, and quizzes - and delivering that content immediately to any student mobile device. The eBuilder is an absolute cornerstone for any school implementing Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) programs. Content is fluidly shared between teachers, and just as easily adapted and changed to meet the specific learning needs of any student, or curriculum goals. It reduces the need for ongoing support because there are no technology barriers for late-adopting technology users. Teacher training can then focus on effective pedagogy rather than traditional "how to". In addition, with an average 70% of students already possessing devices, schools only need to purchase devices for the balance of students who don't already own devices. So not only does the eBuilder empower teachers to deliver learning to any device, but in doing so it also makes huge strides in helping schools solve their lack of technology access in the classroom.
Contact: Heather Chirtea, Executive Director, Digital Wish

eBuilder - What's coming

See all the new features of the eBuilder that we're working towards behind the scenes!